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src August 5, 2004 08:20

conjugate heat transfer in circular channel
Hi users,

I am trying to model a circular channel in a rectangular solid. through the channel fluid will flow annd in the solid portion of rectangular solid heat will be conducted.It is a conjugate problem.

So in GAMBIT I created rectangular solid thn circular chaanel which i had substracted (by retaining it)from rectangular solid. while meching first i meshed circular edges then face and then volume.

I specified wall boundary condition at the interface of solid and liquid. In FLUENT I ran a case by specifuing it as FLUENT showed no heat transfer to coolant since the circular wall was adiabatic.

So please tell me which boundary condition I can use at the intrface.

I tried with interface boundary condition but got error as unspecified interface zone.

So someboy can help me. regards and thanks inadvance

src August 6, 2004 07:13

conjugate heat transfer in circular channel urgen
i tried to specify interior BC but FLUENT is giving warning like separate two material zones before solving. cud somebody throw some light on this problem thanx

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