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faiz rauf August 7, 2004 13:53

small question regarding mesh export

Actually i need help for a small problem... when i export mesh in Gambit, it exports with the format .msh but when i try to open it in Fluent, it asks for the format .cas in the file-read-case menue. can you please guide me how i can export my mesh and open it in fluent, i'll be very thankful to you.

thank you

Sijal Ahmed Memon August 7, 2004 13:57

Re: small question regarding mesh export

cas file will is file with mesh and other information like fulid properties, bodunary condtions, refernce value, units, and coordinates

initialy case file is just a mesh file, but as u preced in ur work all above said infromation stores as case file

hope u get me

regars sijal ahmed

faiz rauf August 8, 2004 12:17

Re: small question regarding mesh export
thanx for reply but actually my problem is exporting the .dbs file from Gambit to Fluent.I am writing the whole sequence below, hope u'll get to right point

I made a mesh file in Gambit named 'filter1' and saved it with dbs extension further i exported that file with .GRD extension. Now when i try to open that file in fluent and use read case command in file menu, it doesnt work and gives error message that it cant open the file.

hope u got it actually the problem is the different extensions in Fluent and Gambit.


Oliver August 9, 2004 02:42

Re: small question regarding mesh export

when I want to use a mesh in fluent I export it in gambit and specify the file format : .msh

You have to write ".msh" in gambit before the name of your file, even if it seems to be a default option. It works better for me..

faizrauf August 9, 2004 05:01

Re: small question regarding mesh export
I exported the file in gambit and specified the file format '.msh' but when i open it in fluent it asks for '.cas' extension and doesnt open the exported mesh file with .msh extension, is there any problem with the file itself or with the procedure followed? i think i am not following the right procedure. hope u got it.


sijalahmed August 9, 2004 07:01

Re: small question regarding mesh export
did u specify the solver as fluent 5/6 then export the mesh file and open in fluent

hope this works


faizrauf August 9, 2004 07:55

Re: small question regarding mesh export
I have tried both Fluent4 and Fluent5/6. I made a file named 'open pipe.dbs' in Gambit with the selected solver Fluent 4. then I exported that file with extension .GRD (as this is the default extension for Fluent4). I opened Fluent 4 and tried to open the same file through File-Read-Case menu but it gives error message saying that 'unable to open file for input' and shows the file name as error object.

I also tried Fluent 5/6 by saving that file with selected solver Fluent 5/6. then I exported the file. It is exported successfully and it shows the message that 'a default boundary entity was created. Mesh was successfully written to open pipe.msh' but when I open fluent 5/6 and try to open that file through read-case menu, it again shows same error.

The thing is that Fluent always asks for .cas extension when I try to open any exported file but in Gambit I cant export with .cas extension as it goes with the default extension .msh or .dbs and thats why not opened in Fluent with .cas extension.

Hope you got this


sijal August 9, 2004 12:14

Re: small question regarding mesh export
it seemsn that ur mesh is not properly done, and properly u have done mesh with tetra elements.

can u send me the .trn file


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