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Ilias August 10, 2004 09:30

Modelling lignite moisture using empirical stream?
Hi! I'm new in the "Fluent world", so I would appreciate it if anyone could answer my question (even if it is a simple one).

I'm modelling a solid fuel (lignite) combustion in a 3d furnace (non premixed combustion). For the fuel, one empirical stream will be used in prePDF (CHONS concentrations are known). How can I include the fuel moisture? Do I consider of it when I define the injections (If yes, where?)? (Wetcombustion page is not available under my current settings, although H2O(L) is included in the species in prePDF).

I have read the "Non premixed combustion" and "Discrete Phase" user guides and the corresponding tutorials, and I understood everything else, except for this. Is there something that I miss?

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