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kevin August 14, 2004 15:58

Macros for mole fraction?
Are there any macros for mole fraction? i just find C_YI(c,t) for mass fraction...

cg August 16, 2004 17:40

Re: Macros for mole fraction?
Not a Macro, but there there is a function..

Material *m=THREAD_MATERIAL(t); Mole_Fraction(m,yi,xi);

where yi is the input array of mass fractions and xi is the output array of mole fractions

kevin August 17, 2004 02:20

Re: Macros for mole fraction?
thanks for reply, but how can i get the proper material pointer when there's more than one material in a thread. for instance, species transport in a porus zone, this zone include both mixture and solid materials. -kevin

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