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Graeme August 17, 2004 18:48

Multiple UDFs
Hi I'm trying to control the velocities of 2 different velocity inlets with UDFs. I can't seem to use 2 seperate UDF's at the same time. Can I control two separate inlets with the same UDF? Or is there some way to use 2 or more UDFs?

Javier August 17, 2004 22:35

Re: Multiple UDFs
You have to write the two udf on the same code file. Then you will see them separated on the udf panel.

Graeme August 18, 2004 17:47

Re: Multiple UDFs
How exactly do you name more than one boundary condition? The examples in the tutorials/manual all only have one boundary condition that is being controlled.

DEFINE_PROFILE(unsteady_velocity, thread, position) Do i do DEFINE_PROFILE2? or something like that?

Rob Hart August 18, 2004 18:26

Re: Multiple UDFs

you need to do

DEFINE_PROFILE(unsteady_velocity2, thread, position)

or something like that. All that matters is that the two profiles have different names.


Bikash August 28, 2004 15:47

Re: Multiple UDFs
hi Graeme,

im have the same problem as yours with the UDF. Im trying to use for temperature at the inlet and the ambient temperature both varying with time. the last one compiled overlaps the previous one. i guess you found the solution to your problem. please do help me with my problem. i would respect your time and thank you for your help.



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