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Mark August 18, 2004 20:24

Boundary layer on a wing
So I have calculated the thickness of the turbulent BL over a 0.5m chord wing (NACA0009) of around 1.13cm. So I have set uniform a = 0.000715 b/a = 1.1 10 rows D = 0.0113 and used the wedge corner shape for the t.e.

Now the wing is 5m long and has no taper, or sweep or any crazy things, just a simple hershey bar wing

The error that I have recieved that the "3D boundary layer are limited to flat face groups with end contions around the boundary. The problems occur in the 'volume.2' along edge 'edge.378'" Now I checked and that edge is the trailing edge, so what is the more proper way of creating the BL s.t. I would not have problem with it volume meshing. Also on the tip of the wing do I also add the boundary conditions that are the same as the rest of the wing?

thank you

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