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Chief August 20, 2004 07:17

Source term units in 2D

I am running a 2D mesh modelling bouyancy induced flow as a result of a multiple solid to liquid conjugate heat transfer problem. I am getting either not enough heat or temp limiting in post processing as I am not specifying the source term correctly. The source term units are W/m^3 but with a 2D mesh how does Fluent know the 3rd dimension? I have assumed it as unity to get a volume. Is this the correct method or am I not supposed to be specifying source terms like this in 2D? I have read that to do shell conduction you must use 3D but in that case why isn't 'source term' greyed out like other shell conduction inputs?

Thanks in advance.

The Chief

Chief August 23, 2004 12:40

Re: Source term units in 2D
sorted it... just took a while to figure. In case someone else was wondering, 'volume integral' is activated when INIT is used for first time. Be aware, if you are using 2D make sure you have correctly used 2D axisymmetric option or not. In just 2D, volume in m^3 is just area times unity depth. I have done everything in m so it was easy. If you import in mm and scale it for example make sure Fluent also applies the scaling to calculations too. If you are using 2D axisymmetric, volume is calculated as you would expect i.e. rotation of area around x axis.


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