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Thiyagarajan August 23, 2004 04:49

air and sand flow through porous medium
hi all, iam analysing flow through my filter problem, initially for air alone i used porousjump bc for filter and i got pressure drop across the filter(porous jump face). now, i want to introduce sand, so i used discretephase model, i injected sand from inlet and applied trap bc at porous jump bc, but i couldn't trap the sand particles at the filter(porous jump face).In the Fluent window, iam geting message like this, number tracked = 20760, escaped = 20760, aborted = 0, trapped = 0, evaporated= 0, incomplete = 0 how to get the particles trapped?in the Fluent users guide it is told that interior discrete bc can be used for porous jump, but interior is not there in the discrete bc. thanks for any suggestions.. regards.. Thiyaga.

Chendhil August 24, 2004 00:58

Re: air and sand flow through porous medium
Hi Thiyaga,

Fluent by default will set the 'escape' BC to discrete phase particles at the outlet. If you want them to be traped in the interior domain, however, you may try setting the 'trapped' BC at the porous jump.


Thiyagarajan August 24, 2004 01:46

Re: air and sand flow through porous medium
Thank you, Chendhil,

, i tried with trap bc, but i couldn't get any particles trapped. iam injecting particles from inlet and at the inlet, by default,Fluent assumes escape discrete bc,is it wrong?, then what discrete bc should b given at inlet. thanks for any suggestions regards Thiyaga

Chendhil August 26, 2004 12:27

Re: air and sand flow through porous medium

Escape BC for inlet is fine. Did you make sure that you have 'Trap' BC at the outlet and 'Reflect' BC at wall-type boundaries?


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