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Saurav August 25, 2004 15:14

Macroscopic Particle Model

I wanted to know if somebody has used the macroscopic particle model as described in the FLUENT website

I have a problem where there are two co-axial cylinders the outer cylinder is stationary and the inner cylinder rotates at certain speed. There are sand particles comming in from the lower end of the cylinder at a given velocity and I need to track these sand particles. My first question is whether it is possible to model that in FLUENT (Tracking all the sand particles), Fluent talks about macroscopic particle model does anyone have any idea where I could find the literature about this model.

Thankyou Saurav

Karthick August 26, 2004 00:54

Re: Macroscopic Particle Model
Dear Sourav

Sometime back I tried to find out details about MPM model in fluent. But they told that MPM is offered on consultancy basis as it is developed by some other third party andit is costing around $10000.

Regards Karthick

prasanth August 26, 2004 04:46

Re: Macroscopic Particle Model
thanks karthick for your kind info! :)

krishna August 28, 2004 21:37

Re: Macroscopic Particle Model
hi karthick,

Thanks for the info.....


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