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STK September 1, 2004 08:21

Problem in fluid zone!!!
hello to everybody! I would like to ask you a simple question. How i can define fixed values in a small domain within a particular fluid zone (in the rest zone i want the solver to solve the Navier-Stokes properly) , without creating a new fluid zone. I tried with udf's but wasn't suceed. Why is it necessary to define new fluid zone??? thanks

Zhihua September 1, 2004 11:44

Re: Problem in fluid zone!!!
Go to -Adapt-Region, marked the region you want to define as fixed. Then go to Grid-separate-cells, here you can separate the two regions. Then when defining boundary conditions you can define the new fluid region as fixed values. Hope this can help.

stk September 1, 2004 15:27

Re: Problem in fluid zone!!!
thanks Zhihua! but i do not want to create a new fluid region, but in the same fluid zone i want to fix the values in a subdomain.In the rest of the zone i don't want to have fixed values.suppose that you have a zone x 0 to 200 and y 0 to 100, i want to have fixed values to the subdomain x 0 30 and y 20 50, without a new zone. i tried to separate cells by region but it is not activated, i can only by marking (at the seperate cells panel). thanks for your try! best regards

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