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Richard September 2, 2004 01:09

Shock Reflections in Fluent
Hello all,

I am completing my Aero Eng Thesis and am completing som CFD work on a supersonic car to validate experimental data. I have generated both 2D and 3D models using Gambit but to date, I am not capturing the shock reflections underneath the vehicle caused by the obliques shock generated (I will provide schlerien pics if needed). I have checked the boundary conditions within fluent, operating conditions etc but I am not seeing the results. I forced a bow shock and the shock wave struck the ground and there was no reflection (Model is set up 10mm above the ground plane). I know this is a big ask and I am not asking for someone to do my work, I just need to obtain a solution to my problem as no person at the Uni can help.

I have searched through the forum and other people have captured shock reflections using fluent and I just do not know where I am going wrong, I have checked and rechecked my parameters to no avail. If required I can supply a report of the input parameters.


Nandu Menon September 2, 2004 02:50

Re: Shock Reflections in Fluent
supply the list of parameters please.

check the grid density as well, as the shock capture is dependent on the density fo the grid in the reflection regio. it might just be that the shcokwave is getting diffused due to a coarse grid in the region.


STK September 2, 2004 09:55

Re: Shock Reflections in Fluent
Don't worry my friend i have studied mach disk in fluent, a phenomenon absolutely connected to shock reflections. Be careful of your grid refinement and of your b.conditions! good luck! if you can't do it send more parameters to help.

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