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torn September 2, 2004 02:43

SI engine combustion
Have anyone known did Fluent can be solve combustion in spark ignition engines? and Which combustion model can be apply (such as partially premixed or EBC) ?


chidananda September 21, 2004 11:57

Re: SI engine combustion
i would like to have information about combustin in si engines

torn September 21, 2004 22:57

Re: SI engine combustion
I model with premix combustion with deforming mesh. The fuel is CH4. When I use 1 step finite rate/eddy-dissipation, after patch Temperature and all product species, the combustion does not occur. The flame was terminated, it not propagate.

Moreover, I try with EDC and Partially premix combustion.

When use Partially premix model, I thing it not possible because Pre-Pdf in fluent cannot vary with pressure. In this situation, the pressure not change all the time even if the cylinder was compress by piston.

With EDC the results as same as finite rate/eddy-dissipation model. Maybe EDC is appropriate with CI combustion only.

So, chidananda, If u have other experience with fluent combustion please tell me.


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