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Bikash September 8, 2004 14:18

Temperature Vs time Plot

i want to plot a temperature Vs time graph. i have all the solutions, i can find xy plot but how do i plot the temperature change with time?

i would greatly appreciate your help

thank you


David Stanbridge September 8, 2004 20:03

Re: Temperature Vs time Plot

David Stanbridge September 8, 2004 20:06

Re: Temperature Vs time Plot
This is very simple if you have outputted the correct monitor files. I am not sure of the problem but for every time step you can "write" a load of different characteristics. Have you done this?


suailek September 10, 2004 06:46

Re: Temperature Vs time Plot
go to Solve-monitors-surface or volume according to what you want. you can plot temperature,pressure etc vs flow time, time step and iteration.

singhal_akriti February 4, 2017 07:29

CFD Fluent
I am doing a solid-fluid heat transfer analysis using ansys. I have a tank from which water is moving out with raised temperature. The coil inside the tank is generating heat which is transferred to the water by convection. My problem is the temperature of water is falling with increasing time. I need it to rise. What could i possibly be doing wrong?

ViLaks February 16, 2017 00:52

Can you give more details about your problem?

singhal_akriti February 17, 2017 03:56

My project involves increasing the temperature of water as it moves from inlet to outlet. The water is made to flow inside a tank which has a heating coil in it. The coil generates heat as power is supplied to it and the heat is transferred to water by convection. As the water come out from the tank, its temperature is raised. A certain amount of time is required for this process. I need to perform a cfd analysis for the same. The problem is that the temperature of outlet water is rising and falling abruptly. Kindly offer a solution fo this issue.

ViLaks February 20, 2017 00:50

Can you mention the case set up of your simulation? Because that is where you might have ended up with mistakes (May be!!!!)


singhal_akriti February 24, 2017 06:19

What exactly do you mean by case set up?

ViLaks February 26, 2017 23:00

The boundary and initial conditions and also a few snapshots of your geometry so that I can understand the problem


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