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kiran September 10, 2004 08:18

angle of attack
Hi users,

I am having a doudt regarding the way in which the angle of attack should be given.i am modelling active fins ,which are on either side of the hull of the ship.Both the fins are inclined at 52 degrees with the vertical and will have opposite angle of attacks(aof) i.e if one fin has 5 degree angle of attack other has -5 degree.Can i produce the same angle of attack by modelling the fins perpendicular to the hull and by giving in lift force monitor X=sin(aof),Y=cos(aof) and z=cos(inclination with vertical,here 52)or should i model the fin in such a configuration i.e at 5 degree aof and 52 degree with vertical and run with X=0,Y=1,Z=cos(52).From the model am supposed to get the cl values for different angle of attacks.if i create separate model for each angle of attack it will take atleast some 15 models since i will have to do till stalling occurs which i suppose will make it cumbersome. Could anyone please suggest me a way to solve this.

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