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soody September 12, 2004 02:08

moving wall and fluid
Hi fluent users,

In my problem I have a moving wall that is in touch with a fluid ,I used CG_motion and defined wall as a moving zone, but I don't know what to do with the fluid, define the fluid as a moving zone(define it rigid body), or it will automatically move.

Thank you for your time.


Neng_r September 12, 2004 08:49

Re: moving wall and fluid
I have meet the same problem! So thanks for any help!

stk September 12, 2004 11:52

Re: moving wall and fluid

You will let the default-interior zone (fluid) out of the dynamic mesh panel declarations. These cells will be locally remeshed AUTOMATICALLY, if you enable the local remeshing and spring smoothing (dynamic parameters). So you don;t have to do anything except from programming and hook the wall motion!

svh September 20, 2004 01:37

Re: moving wall and fluid
Dear stk, thanks for your reply, I did that, but when I preview the motion the wall moves and it makes fluid cells deformated,and create negative volume. If possible help me to solve this problem.

thanks and regards

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