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HP September 15, 2004 09:48

Switch problem! using 2 custom udf laws at the same time
Hi! I have written 2 custom udf laws (one for devolatilization and one for surface combustion). When I hook my custom devol law instead of Fluent's one, everything works fine. Similarly when I hook my surf combustion law (instead of Fluent's standard), but when I hook them both simultaneously, then surface combustion does not occur.

Can anybody tell me what the problem is? Is it a switching problem? Any suggestions would be appreciated.

Thanks in advance Ilias.

The laws are:

#include "udf.h" #define PI 3.14159265358979323

boolean just_started_dev_law=1; boolean just_started_cc_law=1;

/************************************************** ******************** constant diameter law for devolatilisation ************************************************** *********************/

DEFINE_DPM_LAW(devol_const_diam_law, p, ci) {

static real dp_law_init;

//Get particle state when law starts





//first, call standard devolatilization routine to calculate

//the mass and heat transfer


//then set the current diameter (constant during the devolatilisation

//procedure) equal to the after drying diameter


//calculate and set the current density (according to the

//constant diameter)




/************************************************** ******************** constant density law for char combustion ************************************************** *********************/

DEFINE_DPM_LAW(char_comb_const_diam_law, p, ci) {

static real rhop_law_init;

//Get particle state when law starts





//first, call standard char combustion routine to calculate

//the mass and heat transfer


//then set the current density (constant during the char combustion

//procedure) equal to the after devolatilisation density


//calculate and set the current diameter (according to the

//constant density)


P_DIAM(p)=pow(6*P_MASS(p)/(PI*rhop_law_init),0.3333333333); }

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