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sarah_ron September 24, 2004 01:45

who has ERCOFTAC Best Practice Guidelines ?
The ERCOFTAC Best Practice Guidelines for Industrial Computational Fluid Dynamics

The Best Practice Guidelines (BPG) were commissioned by ERCOFTAC following an extensive consultation with European industry which revealed an urgent demand for such a document. The first edition was completed in January 2000 and constitutes generic advice on how to carry out quality CFD calculations. The BPG therefore address mesh design; construction of numerical boundary conditions where problem data is uncertain; mesh and model sensitivity checks; distinction between numerical and turbulence model inadequacy; preliminary information regarding the limitations of turbulence models etc. The aim is to encourage a common best practice by virtue of which separate analyses of the same problem, using the same model physics, should produce consistent results. Input and advice was sought from a wide cross-section of CFD specialists, eminent academics, end-users and, (particularly important) the leading commercial code vendors established in Europe. Thus, the final document can be considered to represent the consensus view of the European CFD community.

James Date September 27, 2004 07:17

Re: who has ERCOFTAC Best Practice Guidelines ?

I have a copy. You can buy it from:

or download a copy which is aimed at marine applications from:

Regards James

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