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Saturn September 29, 2004 09:32

Coriolis force
Hi, I used FLUENT to simulate the water into sink. Could FLUENT simulate the Coriolis force??

sam September 29, 2004 10:34

Re: Coriolis force
coriolis forces are invloved in rotating reference frame and fluent does simulate these forces

Titiksh Patel September 29, 2004 14:35

Re: Coriolis force

But cariolis forces dose not make much effect in sink as scale level are very small. The way the water goes down into the sink depends on initial presence of eddies or turbulence.

Acc. to me it may go down clockwise or anticlockwise.

Cariolis force comes when there are large scale such as oceans, atmosphere winds, etc.

Regards, Titiksh

Chetan Kadakia September 29, 2004 19:11

Re: Coriolis force
I do believe there is a difference based on Coriolis forces. When you flush a toilet, the direction is dependent on the hemisphere. I believe you will have the same situation for sinks. Am I incorrect?

Titiksh Patel September 30, 2004 05:35

Re: Coriolis force
Hi Chetan,

Ya, I think its been practiced all round the world, but still I am not sure whether the theory goes right in the flushing.

Regards, Titiksh

NeOmega September 30, 2004 15:56

Re: Coriolis force
The direction the toilet flushes depends entirely on the way the stream is forced out. It is forced out at an angle to give a swirl. The coriolis effect on toilet flushing is an urban myth.

Coriolis effect only applies to large scale observations.

Over time, the right rail in the (Northern Hemisphere) of a train track gets worn down faster, and the right side of river beds is deeper.

But small things like water going down a drain, are not effected in any measurability by the Coriolis effect.

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