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Javier October 1, 2004 12:32

Hello, Im working on a project to ensamble Nastran and fluent to get F&S interaction. The way i do is taken my structure with his forces from fluent, to get the deformations by nastran, and then get the new mesh deforming the old one like hundreds of springs using, conjugate gradient method to get the new mesh. if we close this into a loop we get a form of working with f&s interaction.

All of this has a dificult in the mesh numeration, one of each program works diferent on a way. the gambit-fluent one, the nastran one, and mine of the conjugate gradient. i use a pair of programs that translate the meshes for any step of the loop. but the one i have more problems is to extracting from fluent. When i export my surface that form the structure, the numeration of the nodes change, and the surface is renumerated again. Thats is when i use the export way. The question i have is there is another way of export the surface forces and node position whithout renumeration takes place, and if nastran or marc will admit a non consecutive numeration and nonstarting on zero. Maybe i could do a userfunction to do that?.

Thank you


Luca October 14, 2004 13:42

Hi Javier! I need to know the way you export the values of the pressure and if you're running a parallel version of FLuent. Renumbering occours when you use the parallel version. Try to explain more precisely your kind of problem. I'd like to make a procedure like yours.At the moment I'm studying the cheapest way to do that.Maybe we can keep in touch and give each other some suggestions. OK?


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