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Jan Rusås October 4, 2004 03:06

Boiling with fluent
Dear Fluent Users,

I a new to Fluent and I am not aware of the capabilities of Fluent for calculating boiling flow.

I have a problem similar to a pot boiling water. I would like to predict the amount of steam generated and the amount of droplets carried with the steam.

I imagine this is difficult but any hints to capture global trends would be fruitfull. The most important aspect is to predict the water droplets.

Thanks in advance Jan Rusås

Jan Rusås October 4, 2004 08:13

Re: Boiling with fluent
I have found the 2 tutorials Horizontal film boiling and Heat and mass transfer with the Mixture model. I will investigate the possibilities though those, but any comments,hints or experience is very welcome

rlamadri May 23, 2011 22:49

hi Jan

I'm trying to model evaporation but i haven't fount much information yet. My license has finished, so I don't have access to the fluent customer portal. Could you sent me those tutorials or any aditional information, my email es


Raúl June 18, 2011 23:45

If you have "heat and mass transfer with mixture model tutorial and source.c udf file" please send me. Thank you. June 22, 2011 12:47

I have found the tutorial Heat and mass transfer with the Mixture model.
If you have udf source.c file of above tutorial then please email me. My email id is
Thank You.

Stephen Bong September 9, 2012 05:32

Help Needed
Dear Jan,

Could you please forward a copy of your tutorial to me at as I'm new to FLUENT and need it for my current project. Thanks a lot for your kind considerations and attention.

Best Regards,

samidabest September 9, 2012 15:37

( i make the 2d model of shell and tube heat exchanger and mesh it but when select heat exchanger model in fluent it give error that primary and auxiliary regions are not overlapping ..... so plz help me what i do .... i'm new to use ansys

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