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Tang October 4, 2004 16:38

Coordinate of axis origin
I have 3 inlets that have a local coordinate system defined. I had an old case that was not set up by me and for those 3 inlets they all had the same x,y, and z local coordinate of axis origin values. I believe this is wrong. All 3 of my inlets have different coordinates but are symmetric about the axial coordiate. My geometry is that of a combustor section. I would think that the origin would be the center of each inlet. Has anyone come about this problem? I ran 2 cases one with the old origin coordinates and one with the properly adjusted origin coordinates. I got conflicting results with respect to velocity vector direction. For the original case with the origin set at one constant value I got symmetric velocity vectors, but with the properly adjusted origin values for each inlet I got plots of the velocity vector being off, such as some are nose to tail and then some don't follow that pattern, but still flow in a swirling direction.

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