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Ashton Peters October 5, 2004 21:59

Gambit Boundary Edge Problems

I am using Gambit 2.0.1 to generate very simple solid geometry (a cube) with boundary zones and export it to a standard Gambit Neutral Format text file.

I am using the generic solver.

I am having difficulty with assigning (or not assigning) boundary properties to edges:

I first create a group containing one face only (specifically telling Gambit not to include any edges or vertices attached to this face).

I then specify a boundary type (NODE) using this zone as the entity. When I output the information to a neutral file, Gambit has included all of the nodes attached to the face AND the lower geometry in this boundary. I want the edges excluded from the boundary.

Can anyone help me with what I am doing wrong? The case I am using to test this is a simple cube. I get the same problem if I skip the zone step and directly apply the boundary type to the face (excluding the lower geometry).

Thanks in advance,

Ashton Peters

P.S. I am also having problems the same as those described here ( I have checked my geometry, but the problem remains.

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