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rajesh kumar tippabhotla October 7, 2004 01:47

modelling fuel cell duct in fluent
hi i am trying to model a fuel cell duct ..a 3D rectangular flow duct( flow in which is in x direction) and a porous membrane below the duct of considerable thickness( there is no seperation between the flow duct and porous membrane, they have an interface). another species which gets generated below the porous membrane , enters the flow duct through the porous membrane in the Z direction.Both the species together leave out through the exit of the duct.The incoming fluid into the main flow duct comes with certain heat flux. i created the meshed geometry in gambit.i have some problem doing it in fluent.i don't know how to give the boundary conditions..heat flux and mass generation for the porous membrane. More over the way i am doing it, the flow in the duct is not at all being influenced by the incoming species from the porous medium with some heat in it.

is there a way i can model the 2 volumes(flow duct and porous medium)together? thank you..

Ari October 7, 2004 04:32

Re: modelling fuel cell duct in fluent
Hi, I think you have to define the interface, between fluid and porous zone, as wall type in gambit (or in FLUENT) because in this zone type there are many options both for heat and mass exchange, while I haven't really understood which is the function of interface type since when I open the interface panel there is only the name_zone.

Good Luck,


rajesh kumar tippabhotla October 7, 2004 12:04

Re: modelling fuel cell duct in fluent
hi i appreciate your interest in my problem. i think defining the interface as wall doesn't serve my purpose as this condition allows me to input heat flux into the flowduct only. also the watervapor which comes into the flowduct via the porous medium is resticted from entering the flow duct.

is there any other way out? thank you

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