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Ben Vernieres October 8, 2004 10:04

how to mesh a 3d wing with Gambit?
Hi everybody,

I am trying to mesh an eliptical wing body using Gambit and cannot obtain anything if I use a boundary layer. I had all the possible error messages that exist in Gambit (plus several fatal errors...). I tryed to modify the default setup but still cannot get a good mesh. Does anybody knows how to create a porpper 3d mesh with a boudary layer for a "complex" geometry?

Thanks in advance,


Jörn Beilke October 8, 2004 15:43

Re: how to mesh a 3d wing with Gambit?
Don't waste your time with gambit for this task. You might get a tet mesh with boundary layer but not a nice eliptical hex mesh. The best tool for meshing this kind of geometries is gridpro ( Icem hexa should also work, but the grid quality is not that good.

Another option might be the use of tgrid.

Ali Hassan October 30, 2004 13:11

Re: how to mesh a 3d wing with Gambit?
Well, you dont seem to know alot about CFD. Any way... Gambit is a bad software so if you have a choice so dont use it.

Meshing a three dim prob in gambit need a good understanding of the flow field, incase you are interested in the Boundary layer around the field make sure that the maximum height of the Boundary layer is calculated (when x/c =1). Then use the option in gambit which alows you to increase the grid points at the near surface.

dont use the boundary layer option in gambit because its only for 2d problems,

regards Ali Hassan

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