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SAM October 12, 2004 13:03

wat is topology?

wat is history of this word

topology for goemetry and topology for mesh are different or same ?


ap October 12, 2004 15:59

Re: Topology
Topology comes from the greek words "tÚpos" (place) and "logos", (study).

This term has different meanings according to the subject it refers to:

1) In general, the topology studies the morphology of a scenery.

2) It also represents studies the position of words in a sentence.

3) In math, it studies of those properties of geometrical entities, which doesn't change if you apply to them a continuous deformation.

Geometry also comes from the greek words "Ge" (Earth) and "metrža" (Measure). It studies the gemoetrica forms and their properties.

Hi :)


SAM October 13, 2004 00:01

Re: Topology

I got all the things u explained it is really a nice explanation

my another question is: wat are topologies meant to cfd and meshing. when we are talking about quadilateral, triangular , pave , map , cooper etc. in all these which are the topologies


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