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rajesh kumar October 13, 2004 11:35

interface between porous and fluid
hi friends,

i have a situation where there is a porous medium and a fluid region adjacent to each other. i am getting confused as what to define the interface between the two as. fluent is showing error if i give it as interior or internal and the error message reads like this " there is only one adjacent cell thread" if i give it as interface, then the error message reads like " unassigned interface" i don't know exactly what they mean and i can't think of anything else...can some one help with this? thank you rajesh

Ralf Schmidt October 13, 2004 16:29

Re: interface between porous and fluid

I had a similar problem. On the Workstation I was working on the same happend. The solution: Our CFD specialist took my data to a PC with Fluent running. On this system it works without a problem!!!

But I dont know, what kind of interface definition he used.


rajesh kumar tippabhotla October 14, 2004 13:50

Re: interface between porous and fluid
hi thanks for showing interest in my problem. can u please find out the type of interface used by your cfd specialist. thank u rajesh kumar tippabhotla

Ralf Schmidt October 15, 2004 14:02


I had a look at the gambit model, we were using INTERNAL as the interface between fluid and porous.


rajesh kumar tippabhotla October 18, 2004 14:49


what is the solver you are using?does the boundary conditions depend on type of solver at all? i have tried using internal as interface between porous and fluid media. but i am getting some problem. anyway i will look into it again. thank you very much... rajesh

Ralf Schmidt October 22, 2004 11:10

We are using the segregated solver, but the Problem does not seem to depend on the solver. The actual problem should be an error in the fluent code.

It depends somehow on the number of processes (or processors??) the system is using. Importing the gambit file with fluent running on a PC (with single processes) is no problem. The workstation is using multiple processes and this result in the problem you have.

So get yourself a new Fluent version, the problem should be fixed there. We have v 6.1.22, graphics version 7.01-1 (from 1998) - with this version, the problem is still there.


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