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sawa October 19, 2004 09:34

data saving
Hi, I am new to fluent and is working with the flow around square prism. To determine the profile of pressure coefficient along the boundary, i need to take mean and fluctuation of pressure coefficient over a number of time steps(500). At any time step, I could save data using plot-->XY plot for each surface.Is there any way to save this date automatically. Since its too tedious to save files for each time step from the cas and dat files. Also cas and dat files are quite big in size, making it impossible to save these files in large number. Thanks for your help.


Jason October 19, 2004 10:56

Re: data saving
There's a couple ways of doing this.

You can create an animation that creates an image every time step (Metafile or PPM image). The only thing is I don't know what programs can open these files other then what's built into Fluent. Check out chapter 24.17 in the users documentation.

The more useful is the Execute Command option. See chapter 24.18 in the users documentation. You'll have to either set up a macro (ch 24.18.3) or learn the text commands.

Hope this helps, Jason

Luca October 19, 2004 14:05

Re: data saving
Hi, you can write a UDF and use the F_P macro with the segregated solver. In this case you can write a file at each iteration for the face you consider and then postprocess them with Matlab for example.

sawa October 20, 2004 06:01

Thanks@ data saving
Thank you Jason and Luca for your prompt help. I could save the data for every step automatically. I have used the execute command - micro approach and is easy to use indeed. Thanks again for your kind favour.


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