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yinyue October 25, 2004 00:41

fluent and fortran
hi,everyone: i have asked the question: how to connect a fortran produre with fluent? the udf help says that compile method are not restricted in use of c language. in the environment of VC++ and vfortran, i can program with mixed language. but i find some problem in use of fluent. has someone do the same work as connectting fortran and fluent successfully? please tell me how to do it? with .dll or .lib, or other methods.

zxaar October 25, 2004 22:27

Re: fluent and fortran
i haven't tried it but when help says so , it shall be . and with considering the logic that if the udf is compiled it can be used, this means that if you can compile it you can run it, so may be what they mean is if you call fortran code (fortran in C code) and compile it (for example c calling fortran functions), you shall be able to use it ... so for that you got to look into compiler (whether it can compile external fortran code with c) or c help how to call fortran in c . this is my guess.

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