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major October 25, 2004 10:00

about porous media
I am modelling flowing of liquid and gas in a big vessel. The gas flows from a porous media into the vessel. The liquid flows from another tube into the big vessel. I hope only gas flows in the porous media.I only care for flowing in the big vessel. I have troubles as following:

1.If I set boundary condition of gas inlet as porous jump in gambit,when it is imported into fluent,it gives the mseeage:" Error: Cannot change gas-inlet-l to porous-jump because there is only one adjacent cell thread." I don't know why.

2.I define a fluid zone in gambit for the porous media and set boundary condition of gas inlet as velocity inlet type. In fluent, I define the porous media zone as porous zone. I don't know if it is correct.

3.If I use multiphase model,the default material(fluid) flowing in the porous media is mixture but not gas. But I hope only gas flow in it.

4.I don't know how to set the viscous resistance and inertial resistance.

Thanks for all suggestion.

major October 28, 2004 23:34

Re: about porous media
hi,everyone Gas flow from a porous media into a big vessel and mix there with liquid. Should I use multiphase model? Thanks

Shankar November 3, 2004 18:44

Re: about porous media
1. did u split the volumes? 2. yes, the porous zone is defined as fluid. 3. dont understand the question 4. the relations are available in the fluent manual.

major November 4, 2004 09:34

Re: about porous media
thanks! I've done it.

Akim679 March 18, 2012 11:47

Porous Zone Boundary

I am having similar problems with specifying a certain part of the geometry as a "porous jump" boundary condition. In GAMBIT a select Boundary type as "Porous Jump" however, when I import my mesh in FLUENT I receive an error stating that: "Cannot change porous to porous-jump because
there is only one adjacent cell thread". I am not sure what that means can anyone please help me with this case.


Leram March 6, 2013 11:00

I am modelling a tube through which mixture of air and water passes and there is an air permeable membrane around the internal wall of the tube which is permeable to air only. I should model this as VOF in Fluent.

First, I need to set this wall boundary as Porous Jump in Gambit. I did the following steps in Gambit and when importing the mesh into Fluent, I got the same Error Message: "Cannot change porous to porous-jump because there is only one adjacent cell thread".

1) created a cylinder as volume
2) meshed it
3) set the boundaries as inflow, outflow, and porous jump (for the volume)
4) set the fluid zone
5) export the mesh to Fluent

If any body else can help me model this case, it is much appriciated!


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