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Domi October 26, 2004 08:08

cylindrical coordinates
Does fluent allow a reactor geometry (CSTR) to be defined in a cylindrical coordinate system? I am interested in the tangential and radial velocity of the fluid in the reactor.

alice October 26, 2004 08:59

Re: cylindrical coordinates
I'm also interested in knowing this because i use the normal cartesian coordinates but fluent somehow still reports radial and tangential velocities and they compare well with experimental values.

Jason October 26, 2004 11:59

Re: cylindrical coordinates
Define -> Boundary Conditions -> Choose the Fluid Zone

Here you can define a Rotation-Axis Origin and Rotation-Axis Direction, which Fluent will use to calculate radial and tangential velocities. Fluent does not specifically calculate the parameters in cylindrical coordinates (There may be a way to force Fluent to calculate in cylindrical coordinates, I really don't know, but I use this method whenever I need information in cylindrical coordinates), but it does the calculations in cartesian coordinates and then calculates cylindrical values based on the cartesian coordinate values and the axis information you provide in the boundary conditions.

Hope this helps


ould said belkacem October 27, 2004 06:41

information and the examples
hello, Mister I am one study in post energy graduation option: heat engines. I prepare my these in field of the fluid has interiure of cylinder (the influence of the geometrie of piston on the intensity of turbulence) if you can donnee some of the imformtions on movement of piston and the geometrie in the gambit and treatment in the flowing one. thank you

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