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Pratap November 16, 2004 05:50

Implementing additional equation?
Hi Fluent users, I want to have little advice from you.I want to know whether it is easy to implement an additional equation. or to implement an add an source term in already available equation. In short let say we have follwing equation which is already implemented A+B+C+D=0 where A, B ,C and D is the partial differentiation w.r.t to tim of some quatitity B and C is the convective and diffsuive part and D is the source term. Now I want to know there is it possible to implement in fluent modified version of this equation. The modified version look something like this. A+B+C*E(x)+D*F(x)=0 where E(x) and F(x) is the some function of x,y,z.

Thanks for your answers Regards Pratap

ap December 4, 2004 21:32

Re: Implementing additional equation?
FLUENT allows you to easily add a general second order transport equation to its model using user defined scalars.

It's also possible to add terms to existing equations using pre-defined macros, using user defined functions.

Both user defined scalars and functions are implemented using the C language together with a set of macros provided by FLUENT.

See the FLUENT UDF manual for more details.


ap :-D

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