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Saturn November 25, 2004 00:49

Compressible flow in the nozzle

I have a question about compressible flow in tne nozzle.

If I have known the function that cross section area A via the distance X along centerline,A = 0.1 + x^2, inlet stagnation pressure(Pi) and outlet pressure(Po) in a nozzle, how should I got the Mach number via distance X relation use qusai-1D equation???

Thanks a lot!!

nabeel mohsin November 26, 2004 06:57

Re: Compressible flow in the nozzle
hi, i think you want to know about solution method or any thing plz tell me can i help you nabeel

N Menon November 29, 2004 05:22

Re: Compressible flow in the nozzle
mach number area relation.

if the flow is purely isentropic (can be assumed) centreline Mach number can be obtained using the following relation

A/A_star = (1/M^2)*(2/(gamma-1)*(1 + (gamma - 1)/2 * M^2))^((gamma + 1)/(gamma - 1))

A = area at any point in the nozle\ A_star = minimum area of nozzle (throat area) gamma = 1.4 (for air) M = Mach number

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