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Naga November 25, 2004 15:00

Cd of cube

I'm trying to test Cd of a cube but I get negative value! The one I get is around -0.03. It should be around 1.05 at Re=10^4 - 10^6. The following is the geometry of my cube, modeled with Gambit.

Re= 3422.9395 Length= 1m Area= 1m^2 (Each edge of cube has 1m length.) V= 10m/s Density of flow=1.225 (air)

I think I set proper reference values.

A brick (flow area) is 10m*30m*10m and the cube is put 10m from the inlet, 20m from the outlet. Boundary condition of inlet is 'velosity-inlet (v= 10m/s' and for outlet I choose 'outflow'.

If anyone could help me, please let me know. Thank you very much for your reading.


Naga November 25, 2004 15:33

Sorry, Re=684587, Not3422.9395

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