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Tayfun Toraman November 29, 2004 08:46

Please help about car body aerodynamic analysis
I am mechanical engineering student and I need help about aerodynamic analysis of our solar car project on Fluent5. We have designed the body shape on IDEAS and we have exported it in IGES cad file format. I applied "GAMBIT 1.2.2 tutorial5: Sedan geometry meshing" instructions and now I dont know what to do. I have troubled with the dimensions of the model and boundry conditions on gambit. Our model is 5x1.8 meters and how to define a realistic boundry condition on gambit? Is it right to make a pressure inlet and pressure outlet to be able to claculate on Fluent5 the lift forces and pressure diffusion on the surface of the car body?

Best regards..

Aravind November 29, 2004 11:14

Re: Please help about car body aerodynamic analysi

You can use an velocity inlet BC at the front and a pressure outlet at the rear of the car. This should work fine. If you were able to mesh the geometry then it should not be a problem, by the way is it 2D or 3D?


Tayfun Toraman November 30, 2004 09:52

Re: Please help about car body aerodynamic analysi
Hi Aravind,

Our solar car body' geometry is a 3D cad model. So I can't imagine how must be the velocity inlet, the pressure inlet values for a consideration that the car's velocity is 90 km/h for exemple? In the gambit model, I make the car body stationary and there is the air flow which must be defined with BC.


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