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Tomas December 3, 2004 09:48

Gambit degenerates an edge to a point

I am generating a simple mesh in Gambit to simulate supersonic flow over a flat plate in Fluent. The length of the plate is extremely small (length = 0.00001 m) and the free surface extent is 0.000008 m above the plate. These are very small dimensions, but large compared to the mean free path of air molecules. In Gambit, when creating an inflow and outflow edge for the length 0.000008 m, the following error is generated "the edge degenerates into a point". Is there a limit to the physical size a geometry can have in Gambit? can it be over-ridden somehow? I would like to conserve the above dimensions so I can validate an in-house CFD code. Any help would greatly be appreciated. Tom

Aris December 4, 2004 05:33

Re: Gambit degenerates an edge to a point
Have you tried to make the geometry in Gambit in a larger scale and then adjust the scale in Fluent?

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