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amir December 8, 2004 20:54

UDF and Cavitation
Hello everyone, Can I write a new cavitation model using UDF. Amir

mateus December 13, 2004 03:08

Re: UDF and Cavitation

Check under the mass transfer in UDF documentation...there is an example of cavitation UDF

good luck, MATEUS

Derya Kibar December 13, 2004 22:51

Re: UDF and Cavitation
Hi there

I am a PhD postgrad at Canterbury University and engaged in CFD modeling of photoreactors as applied to water treatment; interested in implementing CFD as a tool for acquiring new insight into improving reactor design ,i.e integrating hydrodynamics and kinetics of hydroxyl radical formation in the UV radiation activated reactro space.

I am aware from experimental research that cavitation is iused in proprietary commercialised processes to speed up rdaical formation from hydrogen peroxide solutions in waste water with of course the help of UV radiation absorption into water:

My problem as follows:

I want to use a valid cavitation model inside a cylindrical annular reactor and integrate it with available literature kinetics to predict photodegradation ,i.e concentration profiles of a toxic chemical in wastewater or energy efficiency of the reactor?

Can you assist with a UDF cavitation model ASAP

Thanks Derya Kibar

PhD student in Chemical Engineering

mateus December 14, 2004 03:04

Re: UDF and Cavitation

My experience is that the "official" Fluent 6.1 cavitation model works ok...I'got some very good results with it but on the other hand it took me more than a half of a year to get there. And it only worked for unsteady simulation. Older Fluent versions have a simplified cavitation model implemented which (at leas in my experience) doesn't work...

Hope you make it,


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