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horsee December 15, 2004 08:24

mesh a complete plane
I am using Gambit as pre-processor,when i mesh a complete plane ,it is so difficult to start,i don't know how to do it. who can send me some tutorials about meshing a complete plane,Thanks in advance to whoever can help me.

Jason December 15, 2004 08:41

Re: mesh a complete plane
Gambit has a tutorial that meshes half of an aircraft. It's tutorial 14 (AIRPLANE GEOMETRY). I highly recommend going through most of the tutorials if you're new at this. There are a lot of tips and tricks you learn as you work your way though, and most of the knowledge you'll get is trial and error.

Goodluck, Jason

Horsee December 16, 2004 10:50

Re: mesh a complete plane
Thanks for your help tutorial? the disk ,there are only 11 tutorials,have no tutorial 14 (AIRPLANE GEOMETRY).would you send me the tutorial to my email,or tell me where i can get it?

Jason December 16, 2004 11:43

Re: mesh a complete plane
I fount it at (don't have access to the disks myself... locked up by the computer guru's... who knows where, so I do everything online)

Log in, go to Gambit, Documentation, Tutorial Guide

There's a list of 14 tutorials there, and the Airplane model is the last one. If you're not registered, I highly recommend it. There's a lot of information available on their website, and I use it ALMOST as much as this forum.

Goodluck, Jason

Gudrun December 17, 2004 17:37

Re: mesh a complete plane

I would recommend that, unless you produce your cad in Gambit or are trying to mesh a sausage with perpendicular wings, you do not use Gambit at all. As a matter of fact, use anything but gambit!

Sorry for the negative attitude, but Gambit needs a reality check!

Gino December 18, 2004 03:57

Re: mesh a complete plane
I disagree with you. I used Gambit and had no problem at all. Gino

Jason December 20, 2004 10:15

Re: mesh a complete plane
I'm somewhere between Gudrun and Gino. I have very successful meshes from Gambit. It is a bit more testy than some of the other programs out there, and some of the other programs offer more options for dealing with geometry or creating meshes, but that doesn't make Gambit a horrible program. In fact, my first experiences were on IDEAS SDRC, and I think Gambit is a step up from that!


Gudrun December 20, 2004 17:22

Re: mesh a complete plane
OK, I'm sure there's worse meshers than Gambit, but really, Gina, have you tried a proper mesher like ICEM-hexa? I'd even prefer to mesh in Prostar...

The pave mesher in Gambit is fenomenal, but it hardly ever works if you start from for example an IGES-surface

zxaar December 20, 2004 20:49

Re: mesh a complete plane
though i tend to agree that ICEM-hexa is better than gambit, but gambit is not a bad program, if you "KNOW HOW TO" use it. and knowing how to use it is the difficult part , manuals i think do not tell things in detail they needed to be told ( i said i think because i never read anythign from gambit manual, i just learnt it, from gambit it self). anyway for me gambit is bit easy to use, i never faced any problem on it and my things are workign fine

Jason December 21, 2004 10:42

Re: mesh a complete plane
I agree... it's defenitely a program you have to learn to work with.

The Gambit manual is... well... it's lacking a lot of good information. Some kind of tips-and-tricks paper or presentation for Gambit would be a huge help, or just build it into the help manual. I've gone to the on-site training, and the trainers have a ton of knowledge and can show you some great tricks... but I haven't seen anything that brings it all together. Especially for a newbie learning to use it, this could be a huge help.


zxaar December 21, 2004 22:54

Re: mesh a complete plane
i think i have some presentation that talks about tips and tricks for gambit , if somebody is interested in that drop me an email i shall email that to you. hope that helps.

Horsee December 22, 2004 10:15

Re: mesh a complete plane
i think i have a long way to go.thanks. gambit is a good software.

Peo January 5, 2005 08:22

Re: mesh a complete plane
We used to work with gambit for some years ago, but it was a disaster. We switched to ICEMCFD instead and suddenly meshing was fun. Gambit can be used for meshing pipes, maybe.

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