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Jason December 15, 2004 15:19

Monitoring forces and moments
Ok... I know you can monitor lift, drag, and one moment about a principal axis... is there a way to monitor more forces? I'm running a 3D body, and I want to monitor: Lift, Drag, Pitch, and Roll... Yaw and Side force would be nice just to cover all the bases, but monitoring Pitch and Roll at the same time is what I'm looking for.

Anyone have any ideas?

I appreciate any help.

Thanks, Jason

zxaar December 15, 2004 18:47

Re: Monitoring forces and moments
writing UDF shall help.

Jason December 16, 2004 09:24

Re: Monitoring forces and moments
I've never worked with UDFs. I was trying to avoid them (call me lazy), but it doesn't look like I'm going to be able to. Do you know of a tutorial or anything that could help me with this (not with being lazy, but with needing to calculate the loads)?

Thanks again, Jason

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