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Nauman December 21, 2004 08:40

Axisymmetirc Compressible Flow in a C/c and Nozzle
Hi all!

I am trying to simulate a steady state analysis inside a combustion chamber and nozzle. I know the pressure and temperature inside the chamber. I have the injecting boundaries from where i can say that the mass flow is generating, but the problem is that i dont know which one is the best way to define the inlet boundary condition: mass flux, mass flow rate, pressure inlet or velocity inlet. I tried almost all of them but the solution never converges also if i check the mass flow rate at the outlet, then it is much higher than the inlet mass flow. If i iterate further then it gives me an error stating 'Floating point exception (imprecise)'.

As a solver i am using Coulped, implicit and axisymmetric.

If anyone of you can help me in this regard please, it would be so nice of you.



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