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mobssite youness December 27, 2004 07:35

fluent probléme

I badly do not have probléme in my work,

I explain you how?

I work with a waiter pleiades I connect myself under Unix, i do this order, qsub - I - L walltimes=04:00:00 - I nodes=1 Export flowing DISPLAY=mon IP:0.0

fluent 3ddp& or gambit&

the first probléme: if I did a simulation of 1000 iteration the waiter my work kills after 4 hours, i can't do more 4 hours.

seconde probléme;

my modéle (coupled, allam, 3d, incomp gas perfect)

I have messages error according to:

divergence MAG solver divergence MAG solver: temperature

I make how with corrected that


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