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soundar December 27, 2004 23:09

geometry in gambit
hai ,

I'm having a geometry of 1.4 m dia cylinder. For which i have already made case files and declared the boundary conditions and this species transport model is working as per my requirement.

Now my intention is to change its dia to 1.1 m. Is it possible to change its dia in fluent itself so that meshing time and boundary conditions declaration and defining time can be saved. Is there any other means to do the job soon or again i have to create the geometry in gambit and again meshing , defining has to be done.

awaiting for ur quick and positive response

emre December 28, 2004 04:08

Re: geometry in gambit

Unless there are any other changes in your geometry, you could use scale option in Fluent without returning back to Gambit. Retain the units but change the scale factor, then you should update your BCs as well.



soundar December 28, 2004 04:30

hai emre
hai emre,

thanks for your reply. I'm having 1.4 m dia cylinder of height 5m at bottom and it has frustrum of cone at its top. and one cylinder is placed on it. and hemisphere on this cylider. I need not change any other dimensions expect the bottom one to 1.1 m for 2m from the bottom. the remining 3 m is going to be of 1.4 m.I need not change any boundary conditions and all other parameters are going to remain same.

could you suggest how to do this.

emre December 28, 2004 05:17

Re: hai emre

I suppose you need to spend some time with Gambit to do that, there is not a direct easy way to do that in Fluent as far as I can see. But from TUI write file, write b-c and save the boundary conditions to a file. Then you can read it to the new model by typing file, read b-c.

If you could foresee this change in your model at the beginning and create a different zone at the bottom of the first cylinder, then you could deactivate that zone and need not to return back to Gambit.



soundar December 28, 2004 05:29

Re: hai emre
Thanyou emre,

I will try this and reply u soon regarding the effect.

keep in touch.


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