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Riaan December 29, 2004 16:27

Delta Wing Structured Grid

I am working on a structured grid for a 3D 70deg delta wing in Gambit. I am having a problem with meshing the nose of the wing. Please bear with me as I amuse you with my artistic skills :



xxxxx Flow----> 0xxxxxx ------------Plane of Symmetry

The point marked with the 0 is the front end of the delta wing. I can mesh the surface and surrounding flow field of the delta wing using quad/hex elements...but the problem comes when I have to mesh the flowfield ahead of the wing. I think I have to extend the tip of the delta wing all the way to my inlet....Is this the right way and how do I do it?

Are there any examples available?

Thanks for your time! Regards Riaan

Riaan December 29, 2004 16:29

Re: Delta Wing Structured Grid
Sorry, PLEASE IGNORE the drawing in my previous post. The formatting of this message board could not handle it.

x xxxx xxxxxx xxxxxxxxx0 <----Flow direction -------------Plane of symmetry----------

Riaan December 29, 2004 16:29

Re: Delta Wing Structured Grid
Ok, I give up!

Jason December 31, 2004 13:03

Re: Delta Wing Structured Grid
lol... structuring text on here can be a pain. use html tags to help. a line break is "< br >" (without the spaces). that will start the text on a new line.

you sound like you're on the right track with extending the tip of the nose. what i've done in similar situations is gone to the volume menu, and under the volume create, there's the sweep face. I pick the face I want to extend and sweep it beyond the control volume. then you can do a volume split using the volume you just created and this will split the control volume into a cylindrical shape coming off the nose of the wing, and then the rest of the control volume. Then you can mesh this cylindrical part with a cooper mesh (or with some trial and error, you might be able to pull off another mapped mesh.

good luck, and hope this helps. Jason

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