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soundar January 3, 2005 08:08

meshing geometry in gambit
Hai friends.

I have created the geometry of cylinders.


One cylinder of 1.1 m id and it has two cylinders perpendicular to it with id of 0.073mm.


One cylinder of 2 m id and it has one cylinder perpendicualr to it with id of 0.381 mm.

By subtract option i made 2 cases cylinders to get connected with each other.

@@ while meshing (HEX/MAP) i'm having the error as FACE face.11 could not be converted to submappable. All vertices of face face-11 were changed back to their original types.

@@ while meshing(TETRAHYDRON/TGRID) case-2 has meshed . but in case-1 as id of cylinder is very less of 0.073 mm it shows an error INITIALIZATION failed; perturb boundary nodes and try again ERROR : TG_MESH_DOMAIN failed with error code1

@@ Also while meshing in case-1 by defining inlet as the boundary layer species at edge 1; it shows error as Boundary layer label tempBL does not exist.

Could any one please clarify the reason for those errors and helps to do the meshing without problems

awaiting ur reply soundar

Lee January 7, 2005 03:59

Re: meshing geometry in gambit
Hi, You might want to consider using "volume decomposition method"

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