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Mohamed January 4, 2005 10:19

droplet evaporation
Hi, Dos any one know how to modelize the evaporation of some water droplets (or water sheet) on a metallic surface. Is it necessary to use dynamic mesh to do that? Thnaks for reply Friendly

doctor dpm January 7, 2005 17:19

Re: droplet evaporation
if using DPM with law 2 (evaporation of droplet), the evaporation of droplet touching a wall is already taken into account in the '' trapped '' boundary condition. When the particle touch the wall all the mass is transfer to the gas phase

Mohamed January 7, 2005 17:52

Re: droplet evaporation
thx Doctor DPM for ur reply

Effectively, that is what is the pbm is! Becoz, normally droplets will not immediately evaporate when touch the wall (with traped in dpm model), they will collate on the wall , then start to evaporate progressively! What do u think about vof with dinamic meshing, i didn't try it before but i think( hope) it can do it!! what do u think about?

thx 4 reply


doctor dpm January 10, 2005 22:08

Re: droplet evaporation
well if you simulate one droplet it might be acceptable in computation time, i dont think you need moving mesh, you simulate a whole domain unsteady so you can follow the evaporation of your bubble. Hopefully i am assuming you are strating from a bubble already stick to the wall, if not good luck with that :). Bonne chance.

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