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Riaan January 11, 2005 20:29

Gambit input files
Hi guys,

I know Gambit can read in x-y points, but is there a way to make an input file that defines not only the vertex points, but also edges, faces and volumes? I would also like to know if you can define grid spacing and number of nodes on each edge.

In case you are wondering, there is a huge parametric study in my future ;-(

Chris Bailey January 14, 2005 10:12

Re: Gambit input files
Absolutely you can. Look at the Command Reference Guide. You can write text file programs (journal files) that create vertices, edges, faces, volumes, and that mesh them. Your program can call other journal files, write mesh files, use do loops, define parameters and use them in any of the commands - it's pretty easy and versatile. I recently did a 5^4 full factorial computer "experiment" or parametric study this way with do loops nested 5 levels deep.

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