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Jason January 12, 2005 17:14

Non-conformal mesh question
I have a mesh built of a mortar round. At the nose of the mortar is a ram air intake which exhausts at the end of the fuze. This isn't a big vent, and since I wasn't looking for an exact solution I ignored this vent. Looking at experimental data shows that the vent plays a bigger role then originally anticipated by re-energizing a stagnation region as well as relieving the pressure on the nose of round.

So now I'm looking into incorporating this vent into my model, and I was wondering if a non-conformal grid interface would work. The problem is that the gap for the exhaust is about half the size of the mesh that I already have there. This means that if I do a non-conformal mesh there will be a few cells in the vent part of the mesh, but they will only take up half of a cell on the projectile part of the mesh. Am I asking for problems with such a difference in meshes (probably a mesh size difference of about 6 or 8 to 1), or will this be alright?

I have never worked with non-conformal mesh interfaces before, so any information is appreciated.

Thanks, Jason

Jason January 12, 2005 17:17

Re: Non-conformal mesh question

There's an edge mesh size difference of about 6 or 8 to 1. The volume mesh is about 300:1

Thanks again, Jason

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