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CFDtoy January 19, 2005 17:50

Dynamic Mesh Problem !!!!!!!

I have a 3D model with a face moving. My volume statistics are:

Max CEll Volume : 3e-011 Min Cell Volume : 6e-16

I used dynamic meshing (remeshing procedure) and got an error saying

"no bounding cell for bn300" ..leading to segmentation violation.

..the bn300 number varies for different bn 3452, bn655 etc. I dont knw what the problem is.

Has anyone come across this problem before? my remesh interval is 1 and max skewness is about 0.7.

Please let me know as soon as possible.

Thanks for your time


Shuto January 19, 2005 20:55

Re: Dynamic Mesh Problem !!!!!!!
Have you defined the region the face is moving through as a dynamic zone? I find if I select the 'remesh' checkbox I always get segmentation violations.

CFDtoy January 19, 2005 21:07

Re: Dynamic Mesh Problem !!!!!!!
Hi Shuto, I did define all the regions. I havent experienced this problem before. I was wondering if it was due to very small volume cells. Remeshing has to be done !..make sure you do tht so that the cells are generated and ur solution accuracy isnt affected. else if you do only spring movement..its not good for the entire domain.

Thanks for your reply.


Shuto January 19, 2005 21:17

Re: Dynamic Mesh Problem !!!!!!!
Hi CFDtoy,

I find as long as my time step is small enough then small cells are fine. I am still new to this game but so far I have found if I deselect remeshing in the zone definition but ensure it is selected in parameters it maintains the integrity of the mesh - but invokes frequent collapsing and splitting of cells in the fore and wake of motion.

Good luck with your segmentation violations!


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