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Thomas January 20, 2005 06:08

Radiation Modell DO

has anyone experiences in simulation the sun shining on a transparent glass fassade using the DO-radiation modell? What are good values for the radiation modell and the absorption coeffizient for glass? How to set good inital values? How to define the correct semi-transparent values for the glass-fassade. How to simulate the heating of the aluminium sun-protection? Thanks for your help.

gts January 20, 2005 10:36

Re: Radiation Modell DO

You can find some values for the glass properties in :

Virgone J.; Depecker P., Krauss, G., Computer Simulation of Glass Temperatures in Fire Conditions, Building and Environment, Vol. 32, pp. 13-23, 1997

or some references in: K.H.Lee, R. Viskanta, Comparison of the diffusion approximation and the discrete ordinates method for the investigation of heat transfer in glass, Glass Sci. Technol. , 72, 254-265, 1999

Thomas January 20, 2005 11:37

Re: Radiation Modell DO
Do you also now how to set up solar radiation in fluent 6.0? How to define the non-gray-bands in the DO-Modell? How to simulate the radiation from outside into my room

gts January 20, 2005 12:35

Re: Radiation Modell DO
I don't know about the solar radiation. Do you mean non-gray model? If yes, from define->model->radiation->Discrete Ordinate-> Non_Gray Model

You give the number of spectral bands and the bands intervals in Ám.

When you will define the absorbtion coefficient (define -> material->absorbtion coefficient) you can choose gray band and you have to fill the value for each band

If you have a semitransparent boundary you must give the values for the external irradiations for each spectral band (that is given by the sun radiation). I am not verry usual with this. You can find more details in Fluent User Guide 6.1 in paragraph 11.3.14

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