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yonghyun January 24, 2005 21:16

Moving(dynamic) mesh in Fluent
Hi. guys.

I am looking for theory about moving mesh(boundary) used in Fluent.

I have a fluent manual, but it is just for Vol. 1 and 2.

As I know, the moving mesh part is added in Fluent V6.

Would you let me know the theory? or would you give me manual for Fluent V6 included moving mesh(boundary)?

Thank you.

Shuto January 25, 2005 15:50

Re: Moving(dynamic) mesh in Fluent
Hi Yonyhun,

If you are already using Fluent 6.0 or higher then you should have an electronic copy of the documentation, if not the manuals are available for registered users through this link:

If you are not already using Fluent and are curious about its capabilities then check out the company website and search for relevant articles, try this for starters:

If you still can't find enough info then contact the company directly, I'm sure they'll be happy to discuss the software in a little more detail.


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