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Francesco Di Maio January 27, 2005 12:16

import 3D I-DEAS mesh in Fluen
Hi, I am trying to import in Fluent a 3D mesh (very simple) generated using gmsh and saved in I-DEAS format (*.unv). However, the Fluent fe2ram utility (fe432.exe) set to zero all the z-coordinates of the points in the Rampant file.

I have also tryed from DOS prompt the command

"fe432.exe -tIDEAS -d3 -oRAMPANT mesh.unv"

with the same result.

If I write manually the correct z-coordinates in the Rampant file, all is ok, so I am sure this is the unique (!!) error . Is this a bug of the utility fe2ram ?

Is there another method to import a mesh generated by gsmh in Fluent ?

Thanks for any help or suggestions.


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